natural bamboo pizza peel

The possibilities for this product don't just end with pizzas. Use it for placing and removing bread and other baking goods to and from the oven. Use it as a bread, cheese and cutting board - not to mention it's perfect to use as a serving block. It’s extremely practical for everyday use.

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Natural Bamboo Pizza Cutter Wheel

Attractive, food safe precision stainless steel wheel with a premium quality antimicrobial bamboo handle to ensure your pizza cutter lasts.

Elegantly designed finger guards keeps your fingers well clear of the blade and protected. The sharp blade makes slicing through pizza crusts effortless, giving you restaurant quality slices without ragged edges.

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natural bamboo french rolling pin

Our tapered rolling pin is favored by most professional bakers and patissiers as its thin diameter allows you to feel the dough beneath your hands and to rotate while you roll to produce perfect circles of pastry.

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Visualize, Actualize, Realize

Mr. and Mrs. Humble have always been pizza lovers for as long as they can remember. Their love of the great variety of pizza recipes from both Europe and America became the cornerstone of their family weekends. After using a variety of pizza tools and realizing they were either lacking suitability for home use or extremely unstylish, they decided to create their own premium pizza brand – with a twist.

The quest began to develop a brand of pizza products sturdy enough to stand the test of time, light enough to be practical for everyday use and, well, stylish enough to impress family and friends. Long known for its strength vs. weight ratio, they decided to experiment with bamboo as a material for their flagship pizza peels. The resulting product was not only lighter, but much stronger than the oak pizza peels they had previously used.


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